A few weeks ago, I was at a point where I really wanted to start doing more writing. I had a couple topics in mind that I thought would be fun and a little thought-provoking.

But I was really struggling with the feeling that I wasn’t the authority on these subjects and might have no business writing about them. I don’t have a masters degree or my own consulting business, why would anyone really care about what I have to say?

So like any decent ambitious person would do… I decided to fake it. I sat down to write, and I figured if I pretended to know what I was talking about people might believe me.

“Fake it ’til you make it!”

– Me, just now.

What happened next was totally unexpected. As I formulated my thoughts and researched the statistics, it turned out I actually DID know what I was talking about! As I was educating myself and sharing the knowledge with others, I was making myself an authority.

I put “faking” in quotations above, because it turns out I only sort-of needed to fake it. I was fake faking it, if you will. I didn’t need to fake my knowledge, expertise, or skills. I had them all along. I just needed to fake a little self-confidence until I realized that.

I encourage you to try faking it next time you’re feeling like an impostor. You might be surprised at how quickly you can “make it.”

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